Christian Children's Book and Traveling Tea that Equips, Encourages, and Empowers GIRLS to be ALL that God created them to be! Heaven's RoyalTEA features a fancy tea and story time with Selena Holston Gabriel, author of "Heaven's Royalty, That's Me!"

Heaven's RoyalTEA Party Packs

Party Packs that make planning her next birthday party or event "A Piece of Cake"!

Party Packs (for 6 or 12 guests) include:

  • Autographed copies of "Heaven's Royalty, That's Me!"

  • Heaven's Royalty Signature Glass Teacups

  • Party Plates, Napkins, Bookmarks

  • AND More for each Guest.

PLUS, Play the Video Storybook at your event or party! BUY Heaven's RoyalTEA Party Packs HERE.

Heaven's RoyalTEA Events


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Heaven’s RoyalTEA™ is an event series that Selena created to share the message and mission of her book, "Heaven’s Royalty, That’s Me!"™. Heaven’s RoyalTEA™ is a seated, afternoon tea with treats, light lunch, and features a full program including a dramatic monologue of Heaven’s Royalty, That’s Me!™ performed by the author. These ticketed events are hosted in partnership with churches, schools, and Christian groups. Teas are primarily for girls, women’s groups, or “Moms & Daughters,” and encourage them to lead with their God-given strengths and anchor their worth in Christ. 


Heaven’s Royalty Traveling Tea™ is a pop-up tea and author’s signing. Pop-up teas are available for schools, churches, and other groups. 


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For Media Inquiries, Group Book Sales, or to Schedule an event, author's signing, or Heaven's Royalty | Heaven's RoyalTEA for your church, school or ministry group, contact :

Selena Holston Gabriel



Phone: 407-951-4356