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About The Author


Selena Holston Gabriel is a minister, international relief and missions mobilizer, community organizer, children's author, youth advocate, and change catalyst.

Selena is devoted to the global health and welfare of children and to sustainable methods of community transformation. She has served children and families on the front lines of international relief work, compassionate ministry, global missions partnerships, and community development projects in the U.S. and throughout Latin America for many years. Her work has focused on organizing medical missions and nutrition therapy programs, providing safe parks and play spaces, clean water projects, constructing schools and churches, and more. Along the way, she discovered the disparities against the global poor are great, but the disparities against girls and women in those same contexts are even greater. 1-in-2 girls worldwide are at-risk. 


Selena wrote Heaven's Royalty, That's Me!™ to affirm the beauty, authenticity, and inherent worth of GIRLS all over the GLOBE and to embolden each one to use her gifts and strengths to make a compassionate difference in the world. Selena created Heaven’s RoyalTEA™ to share the message and mission of her bookin partnership with churches, schools, and Christian groups. These events can be scaled up (a ticketed event) or down (a pop-up tea party) and include a dramatic monologue of the children’s book, book sales, and a book signing-session with the author.


Selena is a servant-leader who has held director-level roles with Pasadena First Church of the Nazarene, Compassion Creates Change, and Converge Worldwide since 2008. She seeks to embody a leadership style that demonstrates creative community collaboration, relationships over results, and empowering the next generation of leaders wherever she serves.


For more information, media Inquiries, Group Book Sales, or to schedule an event, author's signing or Heaven’s RoyalTEA™ for your church, school, or ministry, contact:

Selena Holston Gabriel



Phone: 407-951-4356


For Media Inquiries, Group Book Sales, or to Schedule an event, author's signing, or Heaven's Royalty | Heaven's RoyalTEA for your church, school or ministry group, contact :

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